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Hip Pain Treatment in Tualatin, Oregon

Millions of Americans between the ages of 30 and 50 experience some level of hip pain. Whether it is brought on by old age or something more serious, such as a car accident, hip pain is never a pleasant experience. The doctors at Tree City Chiropractic in Tualatin, Oregon, have treated thousands of patients for hip pain—and can do the same for you.

What Causes Hip Pain?

Hip pain can have several causes. This ranges from old age to severe trauma. Those who have been in auto accidents frequently find themselves with hip pain. In other cases, straining while exercising can lead to hip pain. If you are suffering from hip pain, it is important to have an experienced chiropractor evaluate you to determine whether your issue is muscular or skeletal. 

How Do Chiropractors Treat Hip Pain?

Hip pain treatment does not take a “one size fits all” approach. Your treatment will ultimately depend on how serious your condition is, as well as what the doctors at Tree City Chiropractic recommend. We treat each patient holistically, which means we take a look at your lifestyle and needs to find the best treatment plan for you.

The type of adjustments and techniques we use will depend on whether your hip pain is muscular or skeletal in nature. If the pain is muscular, we may recommend a chiropractic massage, as well as an ice pack to help with any swelling you may be experiencing. We may also recommend stretches for you to do at home to keep your pain from returning. If you pain is skeletal, we will likely do chiropractic adjustments to ensure your hip is in the right place.

Choose Tree City Chiropractic For Hip Pain Treatment

Tree City Chiropractic has years of experience treating all types of spine and neck issues, including hip pain. Our patients report a higher range of mobility and decreased levels of pain in their hips. Your first visit will include a thorough examination, including an x-ray, to better understand your hip pain. Our doctors will work with you to improve your lifestyle to ensure your hip pain not only gets better, but goes away for good. 

When you are ready to treat your hip pain and get back to the things you love, schedule an appointment at (503) 692-6568.