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Tree City Chiropractic | Testimonials

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Dr. Daniel Lujan D.C.

Dr. Josh Pettigrew D.C.

Written Testimonials

After I had an car accident, I have been in care of Dr. Lujan and it has been a great journey of healing. He is caring and knowledgeable to answer my questions and always has big smile! His staffs are very kind, my little ones likes going to "doctor's office" with me, and I feel safe taking them with me. No wait time plus flexible and understanding in times of emergency like kids sickness, my experience with this office is A+!

Hiromi C.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Josh! I have sciatic pain and a lot of issues with neck pain. Every time I need an appointment they are able to fit me in at a time that works for me. I always leave feeling so much better than when I arrived. The environment is welcoming and professional, and the care is second to none!

Amanda M.

Dr. Dan is an amazing chiropractor and has helped me in countless ways. I am so grateful I chose the Tree City office to get adjustments. The environment he works in is very inviting and positive and the staff is wonderful. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Jeneca J.

I was reluctant to switch chiropractors at first but Dr. Dan was closer to home and the hours were much more convenient - He's been excellent!!! He's one of the only ones able to adjust my neck and lower back. Plus he is great about other recommendations like using essential oils and natural remedies and exercises for pain relief. Everyone there is wonderful!!! Their concern is genuine and they are fantastic at finding solutions to your pain :)

Sara P.

Dr Dan listened carefully, repeated it back to make sure he understood what I said, and is very professional and respectful. As an added bonus, I walked out of the office with less pain and improved ability to turn my head on just one visit. The staff is great, and you can always count on a smile and friendly greeting when you enter the lobby.

Julianne S.

First time chiropractic patient and was initially a bit skeptical. Dr. Dan was very thorough with explaining the process and science behind the practice. Problem with shoulder pain resolved quickly and I'm close to completing treatment. Encourage anyone else who is skeptical like me to give Tree City Chiropractic a try and you will be happily surprised with the positive outcome.

Donna K.

Love tree city chiropractor! Always feel much better after my visits. I?ve been a patient here since childhood and have had nothing but positive experiences. Thank you doctor Josh and the whole team!

Annelisa W.

I really hurt my foot playing ultimate frisbee and simply couldn't figure out what was wrong. Not only did Dr. Dan fix the issue within the first 24 hours of seeing him, he also showed me some preventative techniques to avoid re-injuring it in the future! I had no idea chiropractors could even help with that kind of thing. The bonus adjustment and treatment he gave was just the icing on the cake, and I walked out of his office feeling like I was on cloud nine. #drdan4life

S. Jett

Dr Dan has been monumental in the healing of my son and me after we were rear-ended a few months ago. I'm convinced that without his thorough examination and knowledge of this kind of injury, I'd be in terrible pain right now. Dr Dan is an advocate for his patients, and I can't say enough how much I appreciate that in a doctor. And he's always on time! I should add that his office staff are so kind and helpful, their massage therapist is very knowledgeable. All-around positive experience!

Jenn B.

I was having issues leftover from my days of playing former Division 1 football. I was uncomfortable in my day to day activities and hit a plateau in my activity levels. Dr. Dan Lujan has changed all of that. He was incredibly attentive to ailments and complaints as he engineered a plan of action which stretched over 5 visits. His front office staff was incredible as they were flexible and accommodating to almost spa like levels. Along with feeling completely adjusted, healthy, and energized. I also felt relaxed and pampered.

Josh P.

Dr. Lujan has followed me threw all kind of major events in my life. He helped me with me with my hips and back before I was pregnant, threw my pregnancy, and now in my recovering from having a baby. Dr Laujan has made is possible threw all these stages in my life to keep going and keep active while taking care of my family. I can run/walk with ease. I sleep better, and have no trouble doing anything life sets out for me. He has wonderful bed side manner. He is very attentive to you, and your needs, and getting you back to 100% so you can keep living. I have had no negative experience with him and his office. Everyone there is so friendly and kind. They do well with my children when they come, and are always smiling and happy to greet you. I recommend anyone who is struggling with any kind of back/neck/hip pain to go in and see him. I promise you, you will not be sorry!

Vanessa H.

When I first started at TCC, I was feeling pretty miserable with chronic pain in my lower back and shoulders. Dr. Dan, listened to me describe my symptoms and my goals. At the time it hurt to walk, sit or stand. I spend many hours a day using a computer at work, and it just plain hurt to stretch my arms to use a keyboard. I just wanted be able to do normal activities again.

The first few weeks were pretty intense, but I immediately started to get some mobility back. I could walk and stand longer each week. I have not had any issues with working on a computer since January!

The real breakthrough came when Dr. Dan introduced at home exercises. These allowed me to ?recover? from the pain and soreness of my increased ability to walk longer distances in between therapy. I am now able to walk 9-10 miles per week, usually 2-3 miles at a time. Living in beautiful Tualatin, walking is one of my favorite pastimes and now I can actually enjoy it again.

While my story is a successful experience health wise, it goes beyond the therapeutic care. TCC is a very well run practice. They handled all of my insurance claims and allowed me to use my FSA Visa benefit card, so I essentially had no cash outlay for my treatment. Everyone is so warm and friendly, that I actually looked forward to my visits. Plus, now that I have "graduated" from requiring intensive therapy, TCC has very affordable maintenance plans to ensure we do not lose any of the ground we gained. Plus, plus they have very flexible hours to support patients who are not able to be seen during normal business hours. I did not have to miss one minute of work and was still able to get great results.

Thank you Dr. Dan and TCC.


Had my car accident in August 2015 and DR. Pettegrew as treated me very well. Everyone there is really nice. Great atmosphere. Still having pain here and there, but that the chiropractic clinic they are doing their best to put me back on track! Jorge A.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Pettigrew for over a year. Over the past 3 months however, I have been seeing him 2-3 times a week as part of a recovery process from a bad car accident in December. Josh has been very careful with my recovery while also being proactive in seeking different methods to provide relief during each visit. His intelligence and continued education on the study of the body is extremely reassuring and I have the utmost confidence that I am in great hands. His staff are also very helpful and friendly, and never forget to call me if I am late to or miss an appointment. Couldn't be happier with the service I have been receiving.

Chris M.

I had back spasms and after a couple visits they went away. Dr. Josh is wonderful. I highly recommend him.

Cecil and Linda J.

AWESOME!!! I was extremely hesitant to seek chiropractic care again after a really bad experience with another chiropractor in the midwest some years ago. While moving in to our new house I managed to mess myself up pretty bad so I saw Dr. Pettigrew at Tree City. In the first treatment I felt a lot better-didn't cure me on the first visit of course but over the span of a week or so and a few visits I was as good as new.

Mark F.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr. Josh to anyone in need of chiropractic care. He uses a gentle, thoughtful approach that focuses on solving the underlying issues of muscle dysfunction and in turn bone displacement. He has earned my trust time and again as he's helped me out of many "jams" and kept me out of them moving forward.

Wendy R.

I have been seeing Dr. Josh since the spring of 2018 and I have nothing but great things to say about him and the Tree City team. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and Josh is kind, committed, and attentive to his patients. I couldn?t be more impressed. Thank you, Tree City!

Anna R.